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In many organizations today, most SOX/IFC/Risk Audit activities are performed manually. And for many the process is inefficient, resource-intense, and may lead to a lack of employee engagement over time.Digitizing your SOX/IFC/Risk Audit program can lead to higher quality at lower cost - through streamlined and automated processes; greater assurance over control effectiveness; and sophisticated, analytics-based risk assessment and decision-making.
Care AI can help you move along your digital SOX/IFC/Risk Audit journey by providing easy-to-use platform that provides centralized access to all risk and control-related information and allows risks to be managed efficiently.

Care AI enterprise risk management software helps you to identify, assess, monitor and report on your strategic objectives, risks, controls, and contributing factors.

Software Modules.

The software covers following functional areas for Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management

1.Risk identification.
2.Risk assessment
3. Audit Planning
4. Audit Execution
5.Organisational Hierarchy Maintenance
6.Process Hierarchy Maintenance
7.Support Multiple Audit Programs
8.Define & Manage RCM Template
9.Perodic Review of RCM
10.Create dashboards for PMO status and entity or issue reporting.
11.Action Plans
12.Upload/Download RCM
13.Multiple Assessement Type General IT Controls , Automated Controls , Manuals Controls , IPE .

Compliance Manager Add ON

1.Balance Sheet Audit : Assets & Liabilities
2.P & L Accounts Audits : Expenses & Revenue
3.Operations in Accounts: High Value or Abnormal Transactions, Debit Balances, Stop Payments, etc.
4. Death Claims
5. Staff related matters

Audit Management Add ON

1. Advances: New Advances (OD, CC, Loans), Overdue Advances, etc.
2. Other Advances: Bills Purchased, Bills Discounted, LCs, BGs, etc.
3. Deposit Accounts: Opening of Accounts (Including KYC norms)
4. IBC, OBC, Safe deposit lockers, ATM, etc.

Features List.

Software to help you manage your SOX/IFC program, centralize controls, streamline collaboration, and make reporting and certification a ease.

Centralized Repository

A centralized database provides one version of the truth with data integrity, consistency and standardization. This eliminates the problem of multiple spreadsheets scattered around your organization.


Most of the features can be easily customized and hence allows Audit Department to enforce Audit Policy.

Standard IFC/SOX templates & process

Simplify SOX/IFC management and control testing with easy-to-use software which provides uniformity and consistency of information across your organisation and simplifies risk administration.

Access Control & Security

It provides separate login for Auditors, Auditees and Management. It allows Audit Departement to control the Access Levels permissible for the users.


Our platform centralizes your audit program, so you can eliminate tedious tasks, clear spreadsheet silos, remove version confusion, and collaborate with stakeholders—all in one place.


It helps to generates various types of reports and queries vital for Senior Management. Audit Consolidated / Audit Committee Reporting and Dashboards

Real time & Transparent

Establish a transparent & real time information about internal control and completion status of ongoing open action plans at all location.


Proof of evidence related to Controls uploaded by the owners are placed at a central location, thus giving confidence to the reviewer to certify the status of the controls. Audit team can easily review the controls and the evidence..

Auto Reminder

Automatic reminders to Process Owners to update status on pending action plan.Automatic escalation of incomplete activities after predetermined number of days from due date of activity.

On Premises Option

On-premises software option help company to install and runs software on Organizations Internal Server.

Review & Follow

Allows Senior Management , Audit Dept and Auditor to real time review and follow up on auditor observation and queries.

Impementation & Training

Get your risk audit software up and running in just 7 days with Care AI’s comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

How it Works

Automate SOX/IFC compliance with simple workflows to efficiently test your controls, ensure your team is working on the right things, and quickly deliver reports and certification to management and your external auditor.

Audit Planning & Scheduling

1. Empanelment of External Auditors : It allows Audit Department to maintain a list of Empanelled External Auditors.

2. Audit Program : It allows Audit Department to schedule audits to be conducted by Branch Auditors at various branches.

3. Assign Branch to Auditors

4. System Checks :While scheduling the audits, it considers long pending audits, number of teams available, number of days typically required for the Audit, and the branches from the same zone.

5. Communication to Auditor & Branch Manager: Send Intimation (Email)


Audit Execution & Compliance

1. Collect Audit & Supporting Data in Online Mode:
Extracts data from Core Banking Solution and presents it to the Auditor. System has interfacing module which will pull the data from CBS.This eliminates any chance of missing out on data to be audited. For example: Accounts Opened, Advances Disbursed, etc., during Audit Period.It also extracts supporting data which Auditor may need while conducting the Audit. It is available to Auditor as on-line help. This eliminates the need to refer to Core Banking Solution every now and then and to take print outs, hence saving a lot of time. For example: Limits Sanctioned, Security Details, etc., for Advances Disbursed.
2. Collect Audit in Offline Mode : Auditor can manually enter data from reports generated from Core Banking Solution.
3. Record & Classify Non Compliance:
Auditor captures queries and remarks. It allows auditors to give remark and risk ratings while doing audits. This helps audit department tracking the queries priority wise.

4.Marking the Audit as Complete :
Once Audit is complete Auditor mark as complete.At this point the system checks if Auditors has missed out Auditing any particular data.


Audit Review & Reporting

1. Review by Branch Manager for Non compliance:
Allows Branch and other Managers to view queries for non compliances. Manager can assign branch person for query resolution.

2. Follow up of Queries Raised:
All the activities of the follow up, include
a.Compliances given by Branch
b. Compliances Accepted by Audit Department
c. Further Query Raised by Audit Department
are carried out online.

3.Reminders / Escalations to ensure that no issues remain pending:
Audit Department can send reminders to Branch Managers for pending compliances.

4.Marking Auditor’s Queries for Audit Committee: Audit Department can mark critical queries raised by the Auditor to be presented to the Audit Committee of the Bank.

5.Audit Closure:
Once all queries raised for the Audit are complied, Audit Department can issue Closure to the Branch and close Audit.

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