Care AI Compliance Management System. helps managing compliance by configuring and monitoring compliance tasks across Organizations. It reminds stake-holders of approaching tasks and felicitates audit. Compliance Manager provides a flexible framework for uploading, approving, archiving and tracking all compliance related tasks. It has configurable review schedules and approval workflows to meet specific requirements. With compliance manager, customers can rapidly identify, analyze and address compliance-related deficiencies and generate Corrective Action Requests (CARs) to prevent reoccurances.

Compliance related documents can be stored in Care AI Compliance Manager document repository. They can be labeled under multiple hirearchies. With Compliance Manager, customers can search and retrieve their important documents in a breeze..

Software Modules.

The software covers following functional areas for Compliance Manager

Compliance & Task Management

1. Setup multiple Org , Locations
2. Task management & Scheduling
3. Role based Access
4. File Management
5. Due Dates Management
6. Separate Employee Logins
7.Document Management
8 .Knowledge Management

Audit Management

1.Balance Sheet Audit : Assets & Liabilities
2.P & L Accounts Audits : Expenses & Revenue
3.Operations in Accounts: High Value or Abnormal Transactions, Debit Balances, Stop Payments, etc.
4. Death Claims
5. Staff related matters

Risk Based Audit

1. Advances: New Advances (OD, CC, Loans), Overdue Advances, etc.
2. Other Advances: Bills Purchased, Bills Discounted, LCs, BGs, etc.
3. Deposit Accounts: Opening of Accounts (Including KYC norms)
4. IBC, OBC, Safe deposit lockers, ATM, etc.

Features List.

We provide a wide array of Usable & Flexible Features

Streamline Responsibilities

Assign tasks to groups or individual owners, Monitor regulatory and policy requirements and associated tasks by location


Most of the features can be easily customized and hence allows compliance & Audit Department to enforce new policy & rules.


Compliance Department & Audit Department can collaborate with Compliance owner , Manager , Senior Managment and external Auditor’s on common platform.

Compliance Scheduler

Compliance scheduler automatically creates compliance schedules for a year, making sure that no manual intervention is required once the system is implemented.

Secure & Role-based Access

It provides separate login for all users based on pre defined roles. Secure access is authenticated through encrypted User Ids and Passwords.

Document Management

All compliance documents can be stored in System. System has a search engine to felicitate easy retrieval of documents.


It helps to generates various types of reports and queries vital for top management. Reports include Audit Status Report , Compliance Report etc

Email Alerts

System remembers approaching tasks , due-dates and sends reminders to all stakeholders on preconfigured intervals. Triggers stop once the tasks are completed and approved.

Global Control

System has Entity , Zonal and Branch hierarchies. Senior Management can get full visibility of status of compliance across all Zones and Branch in multiple locations.

On Premises Option

On-premises software option help company to install and runs software on Organizations Internl Server.

Review & Follow

Allows Compliance Dept and Audit Dept to real time review and follow up on queries.

Impementation & Training

Our systematically structured approach will help to effectively implement and train staff.

Frequently Asked Question

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We believe in Flexible Costing.


  • Task & Client Management
  • Source Files
  • 100 User Accounts
  • 1 Year License
  • Phone & Email Support


Most Popular
  • Client & Task Management
  • Financial Management
  • Source Files
  • 1000 User Accounts
  • 2 Years License


  • Client & Task Management
  • Financial Management
  • Audit Management
  • Source Files
  • 500 User Accounts
  • 3 Years License
  • Phone & Email Support

On Premises

  • Full Access
  • Source Files
  • 1000 User Accounts
  • 5 Years License
  • Phone & Email Support

Implementation Approch

  • Business Discovery
  • System Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Testing & Training
  • Go Live

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